Fees Fine Calculation

Fines can be calculated per collection, such as the first installment or the second installment. To set up the calculation formula, go to the Platform Tools module under Accounts > Fees Fine Calculation Formula. In PHP, you will need to provide the calculation formula.

In this example, we will demonstrate a fine of ₹25 per week after one week has passed.

The variable details are as follows: $dud is the variable for the due days.

The PHP ceil function is used to round up the week.

The next line subtracts one week because we only need to perform this calculation at the end of the week. $fine_amount is the variable for the fine amount.

The fine amount is simply multiplied by 25. Remarks can be added below.

Once you have set up the formula, you can run the fine calculation. This option is available under the Accounts module > Fees Master > Fees Fine Calculation. Select the academic year, collection type, and fee head. If the fee head is not defined, you can define it under Master > Fee Heads.

The fine will be added to the respective students under this fee head. The due date is the last date for fees collection. You can add any remarks in the Remarks column if required.

Click Save to automatically calculate the due days. You can change the due days if required.

Click Save again to process all the fines.

The system will search for all the pending fees and create fines for each student.

The list is available and can be edited or deleted as required. Automatic fine calculation is disabled by default.

It needs to be run manually by the respective executive. We hope this tutorial helps you understand fine calculation in SIPSNITYA. Please contact our support channels if you have any doubts or need any assistance. Thank you.

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